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silver butterfly cufflinks

silver butterfly cufflinks

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This is a butterfly prototype cufflink made by the artist Miyuki Chosa.
The appearance of the butterfly casually clinging to the sleeve is full of playfulness, as expected of Miyuki Chosa.

Butterfly size: Approximately 1.3cm in width approximately 1.2cm in height
Butterfly material: 925 silver
Cuff base Material: Brass with silver plating Product number: kafusu_tyou
Box: Made in Japan with case

Biography of Miyuki Chosa
1915 Born in Kagoshima Prefecture
1930 Studied under Teruun Kobayashi
1940 Studied under Kiyoshi Unno (Living National Treasure)
1955 Received Nitten Special Award (2 years in a row)
Purchased by the former Soviet government, stored in the Leningrad Museum
1957 Judge at Nitten (21 times since)
1962 5th Reorganized Nitten Awarded Minister of Education Award Award-winning work "A Suburb with a Ranch"
1965 Received the Japan Art Academy Award, award-winning work "Night Light Soso"
1974 Became a member of the Japan Art Academy
1975 Appointed managing director of Nitten
1978 Appointed as a member of the Japanese National Committee for the WCC International Conference Received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon (donated work to the State Guest House)
Formed the Japan Craftsmen Federation and assumed the position of representative committee member.
1979 Held the 50th Anniversary of Metal Engraving Poems Miyuki Sasaki Exhibition
1980 Dedicated to commemorate the completion of the Great Showa Restoration of Todaiji Temple in Nara.
1981 Held Chosa Miyuki Metal Engraving Exhibition (Exhibition to commemorate the memorial service for the completion of the Showa Great Repair of Todaiji Temple)
1982 Appointed president of Japan New Crafts Association
1984 Commissioned by the Imperial Household Agency to create a decorative jar for the new palace of the Imperial Palace, "Wasanso" (carving jar) for the new palace.
1985 Produced prototype of Kyoto Prize (Inamori Foundation) Commemorative Medal
1986 Mr. Haruo Kauchi, chairman of the Fuji Sankei Group, presents “Kashiwa Minoru no Yume” (incense stick) to Prime Minister Chirac of France.
1987 Received the Third Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon and Award for Cultural Merit
1991 Presented works to the Emperor and Empress at the 23rd Nitten Reorganization
1992 "Vessel for requiem of the universe" (sutra cylinder) for the Great Heisei Restoration of the Nio Statue at the Nandaimon Gate of Todaiji Temple
Two pairs of sutra-rolled shaft noses were donated, and enclosed in the head of the agyo statue.
1993 Awarded the Order of Culture
1998 Solo exhibition held in Paris as part of Japan-France cultural exchange
2002 Deceased at the age of 87 Major works owned by the Imperial Household Agency Japanese Red Cross Society Ise Shrine Todaiji Temple Hasedera Japan Art Institute The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Art Museum Fuji Sankei Golf Tournament Champion Cup "Yusho"
Inamori Foundation Kyoto Prize Commemorative Medal
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