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Iron sand Saioubo ni Butsutekan iron kettle

Iron sand Saioubo ni Butsutekan iron kettle

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On the side of the iron kettle, there are ``Butsukan'', which resembles the fingers of a hand and reminds us of Senju Kannon, and ``Peach'', which means eternal youth and longevity, and an amulet that reminds us of the Mother of the West.・It is an iron sand kettle with an easy-to-use capacity and size. - Finished with a large mouth so that water can be easily poured.・Copper (Karakin) is used for the lid and finished in a baked color. Saiwangbo is a fairy goddess worshiped in China who lives in the mythical mountain of Kunlun in the west and has a peach tree that bears fruit once every 3,000 years. Peaches have always been drawn in paintings of the Queen Mother of the West.

Author: Zuishin Dimensions: Height 21cm x Width 17cm x Depth 14cm
Material: Iron sand, Wax-shaped manufacturing method, Copper lid baked color finish, Capacity: Approximately 1,200 cc filled with water
Product number: 171302769 Box: paulownia box, made in Japan, certificate included

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