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Kokuzo Bodhisattva Silver

Kokuzo Bodhisattva Silver

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Kokuzo means a storehouse (reservoir) that contains infinite wisdom and a compassionate heart like the universe.
A bodhisattva who draws infinite wisdom from the storehouse and gives people a heart of mercy.

Author: Sculpted by Shuun Makita
Size: Height approx. 14.5cm Width approx. 6 x Depth approx. 6cm Length approx. 7cm
Material: Silver
Product number: ginbutsuzoukokuu15
Box: paulownia box
made in Japan


Chinese/English available

*Because it is handmade, the specifications may differ slightly each time it is made.
*Silver is a soft material. It may be dented if it is dropped or force is applied. note that.
*Free shipping within Japan and overseas.
*We do not know customs duties and other taxes when shipping overseas.
*Customers are responsible for customs duties and other taxes when shipping overseas.

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