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Silver Paperweight Salmon Kitamura Seibo Prototype

Silver Paperweight Salmon Kitamura Seibo Prototype

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Seibo Kitamura Prototype Silver paperweight salmon model.
A masterpiece that revived the carp carp of Kitamura Seibo in the modern age with the skill of Takaoka copperware craftsmen.

Dimensions: length about 22 x width 5.4 cm
Material: silver 925 / around 470g
Product number: buntin_syake
Box: paulownia box
made in Japan

Biography of Seibo Kitamura

1884 Born in Minamishimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
1907 Graduated from the Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts, Department of Sculpture.
1908 Selected for the 2nd Bunten Exhibition for the first time.
1912 Graduated from Tokyo School of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture.
1915 Won second prize at the 9th Bunten Exhibition. *Specially selected at the 10th exhibition in 2016.
1916 Formed the art study group Yatekai with Daimu Tatehata and Yuhachi Ikeda.
1918 Exhibits "Shogun's Grandson" at the 12th Bunten Exhibition.
1921 Professor at Tokyo School of Fine Arts. * Retired in 1944
1925 Member of the Imperial Art Academy.
1955 The Nagasaki Peace Memorial Statue is completed (Nagasaki Peace Park).
1958 Received the Order of Culture, Person of Cultural Merit.
1969 Nitten Chairman. * Honorary Chairman in 1974.
1972 Seibo Memorial Museum opens inside Shimabara Castle (Shimabara City, Nagasaki).
1979 Honorary citizen of Minamiarima Town.
A memorial hall is opened in Seibo Park (Minamishimabara City, Nagasaki).
1980 Honorary Citizen of Tokyo and Honorary Citizen of Nagasaki Prefecture.
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