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Silver bottle Rinpo turtle dragon coloring

Silver bottle Rinpo turtle dragon coloring

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Author: Ginshodo Size: Height approx. 21 cm Width approx. 18 x 15 cm
Material: Silver Casting capacity: About 1100cc full of water
Product number: №05598color

Rinho Turtle Dragon is also called "Shizui" and is said to appear in the world of peace since ancient times. It is expressed in Japanese temple carvings and maki-e and is often seen even today. On the side of the body of this work, a dragon, phoenix, and auspicious clouds are printed, and on the lid, a giraffe and a turtle are printed. The knob on the lid is a treasure bag, and the strings are bamboo shoots and a mallet. Mr. Shouun, a local Takaoka sculptor who is famous all over Japan, and Ginshodo jointly created and shaped it. With the wishes of a happy family and prosperous business, we created it with a casting technique that produces a solid finish, hoping that it will be received by the family for many generations. The photo is a colored work.

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