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Shingata Hamamatsu Iron Kettle by Kiyomitsu

Shingata Hamamatsu Iron Kettle by Kiyomitsu

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This iron kettle is made by Kiyomitsu Sato in Yamagata, which is known as the production area of ​​iron tea kettles. The hot water boiled in the iron kettle becomes mellow, and the tea becomes more delicious when brewed with that hot water. You can enjoy more pleasant moments of tea.

Certified Traditional Craftsman Kamashi: 9th generation Kiyomitsu Sato Awards: Numerous awards

Author: Kiyomitsu

Size: Height approx. 22cm x Width approx . 17.2cm x Depth approx. 14cm

Capacity: Approx. 1100cc Materials: Main body cast iron, Lid made of copper

Product number: 170223741 Box: paulownia box, made in Japan

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