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Maruyama Water Iron Kettle No. 10 by Masamitsu

Maruyama Water Iron Kettle No. 10 by Masamitsu

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An iron kettle made by Mr. Masamitsu Kikuchi from Yamagata, a production area of ​​iron castings. Hot water boiled in an iron kettle becomes mellow, and you can enjoy it deliciously by making tea with that hot water. Kamashi Masamitsu Kikuchi Born in 1937 in Yamagata Prefecture. Inheriting the tradition of Oshu Yamagata casting, he produces many works such as tea kettles, iron kettles, and furo. Mr. Kikuchi studied under Keisuke Takahashi, a Living National Treasure Chagama maker. In 1973, he became independent and established Masamitsu Kikuchi Studio.

Author; Masamitsu Size: Height approx. 22.5cm x Width approx. 18cm
Capacity: about 1700cc
Material: Main body cast iron, Lid made of copper Box: paulownia box Part number: 170460574

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