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Seishi Bodhisattva Silver

Seishi Bodhisattva Silver

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A Buddha who illuminates all things with the light of wisdom and saves people from confusion and suffering.
Wisdom means the ability and ability to judge things correctly.
As the right side samurai of Amida Nyorai, he is enshrined as a triad with Kannon Bodhisattva.

Author: Sculpted by Shuun Makita
Size: Height approx. 14cm Width approx. 6 x Depth approx. 6cm Length approx. 7cm
Material: silver
Product number: ginbutsuzouseishi15
Box: paulownia box
made in Japan


Chinese/English available

*Because it is handmade, the specifications may differ slightly each time it is made.
*Silver is a soft material. It may be dented if it is dropped or force is applied. note that.
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